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The 18th-20th centuries have witnessed the biggest gap between countries, so much so that the countries have been divided into three worlds the first world or the ones who dominated the heart of technology namely the heavy industry, the second world, the ones that contained some of these heavy industries, but relied on some on other nations, and the third world, the ones although supplied the raw material, but couldn't even dream having any of them heavy Industries, whether we are talking about auto manufacturing, petrochemical plants, or steel industry.

One of the most important industrial backbones that takes one country from third world straight to the first world is without any doubt the petrochemical and other chemical Industries.

One of the reasons these third world countries couldn't get their hands on these industries have been the super expensive costs, imposed by the monopoly of these so-called first world nations exerted upon the rest of mankind, especially third world, so they could not become self-sufficient and they have to give up their resources for pennies.

The more we get into 21st century, the more we witness third world nations reducing the distance and rapidly becoming super powers. As one economist stated once

No, it's not the big that eats the small anymore, now a day, it's the fast that eats the slow.

Probably, with the emerging China and India, as well as other countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and even some Middle Eastern countries at the door steps of first world nations, the services by which countries can get access to heavy industry is becoming more and more accessible.

Our mission is to enter this market and partake in this divinely prophesied process, industrialization of third world countries, as well as first world countries.

We sincerely believe such service is really a good cause to help any country from getting out of slavery of Colonial superpowers. We Believe that the verse in Matthew 5 without any doubt has been and is ongoingly being fulfilled

Blessed are the meek who will inherit the kingdom of the earth

And we want to take part of this blessed process. We want to bring a dish filled with all our experience to help anyone around the world without discrimination, to fulfill that dream.



You can rely on us from the very start, give us an idea, just dream of a molecule, or reaction, and we will take care of everything, from scale up to design and construct reactors to manufacturing, to procure every single piece, to erecting for you the entire industrial city, we also train, commission everything, the plants and reactors, we send our specialized experienced engineers and man power to supervise, on-site and we even market your products around the world.

You dream on, from refinery or natural gas fractionation plants, to any reactor whether they're small organic molecules or polymers, or even olefins, or even small organic molecules or even inorganic compounds, there is no chemical process that we cannot design construct and execute the manufacturing plants for it.

And we do it at a fraction of the cost and so far, we have built more than 20 industrial cities and manufacturing plants.

Please do not hesitate to reach us out, via both phone, WhatsApp and/or email.


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