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(909) 20-MICRO (64276)     |     for WhatsApp click here       |     micrographer@gmail.com

A Material Characterization


Surface Imaging, at a Sub-Micron Level, and Material Characterization Services

Micro-Graph is a specialized cutting-edge firm for material characterization, imaging, at microscopic/sub-micron levels, particle size and shape characterization, and elemental analysis. Our clients are from industry, laboratories, hospitals, as well as, research and academic centers. Micro-Graph is composed of several facilities, such as:

1. Surface & Sectional Electron Microscopy Imaging

2. Particle Size Analysis

3. Elemental Analysis

4. Material Analysis

5. GC-Mass Spectrometry

6. Lyophilization

In our electron microscopy facility, we have microscopes, providing a range of analytical techniques. These instruments are fitted with EDX light element analyzers to detect and quantify elements, although we also have X-Ray Diffractometers and X-Ray Fluorescence, specifically designated for elemental analysis. Results can be provided as distribution maps as well as area averaged and spot analysis. Images are provided in various digital formats from about 20 times up to 300000 times magnification. In our particle size analysis facility, we have different particle size analyzers. They can be classified, by the particle size range that they measure:

 A group, which can measure sizes between 1-100 microns, such as LabTech 100 and

 Those sub-micron ones that can measure sizes between 2-1000 nanometers, such as:

 Malvern 4700c

 Horiba LA-910

 Nicomp 270

We are interested in getting in touch with oil, geological, mining, companies, organizations, government agencies, or any firm who could potentially benefit from our services. We are also open to those clients who are interested in opening branches in their country once we examine the market demand for which we will be acting as a complete A to Z labset firm. So please provide us with a list (possibly with contacts, website and address) of those mineral, geological, mining, companies, organizations, government agencies, or any firm who could use our services.

Micro-Graph is a US based testing lab, servicing nationawide although we are pursuing getting into international stage as well. We are in the process of expanding our service to West Africa and the Arab region, especially Persian Gulf states. We do elemental, surface, ultra-structure, and sub-micron particle size characterization analysis.

Our facilities have a wide variety of instrumentation including:

1. XRF: Laboratory X-Ray Fluorometer

2. Portable Field X-Ray Fluorometer (XRF)

3. XRD: X-Ray Diffractometer

4. AA: Atomic Absorption

5. Gas Mass Spectrometry ICP OES

6. SEM: Scanning Electron Microscope, with Elemental Analysis capability

7. TEM: Transmission Electron Microscope

8. X-Ray Fluorescence Microscope

9. DSC: Differential Scanning Calorimeter

10. TGA: ThermoGravimetric Analyzer

11. Polarizing Microscope

12. Laser Light Scattering micron and Sub-Micron Particle Size Analyzer

13. TOC: Total Organic Carbon

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us via both phone and/or email.

Email: micrographer@gmail.com
Phone: 001 (909) 20-MICRO, 001 (909) 206-4276
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