Pacific Scientific Nicomp 270


Malvern 4700c


Particle Measuring Systems LPS



Particle Data Elzone 80 H Particle Analyzer


Particle Size & Molecular Shape Analysis


Particle size and shape analysis has become a critical parameter in many industrial processes. This has fuelled a demand for increasingly flexible analytical systems that can be used in a variety of different circumstances to provide maximum shape and size information quickly and easily. Increasing attention has been paid, especially in the era of nanotechnology and genetic engineering, through which a revolutionary jump has been made and is being achieved, towards a super fast and highly sophisticated lifestyle.


Often a scanning electron microscope image (micrograph) is not enough to have detail information about the particle size and size distribution of the whole sample. We have a wide set of different particle size analyzers, which can provide extremely valuable information about particle size and shape at a molecular level, which can impact numerous physical and chemical properties including transition temperatures from liquids to waxes and from rubbers to solids and of mechanical properties such as stiffness, strength, visco-elasticity, toughness and viscosity. This enables us to identify and determine spatial localization of chemical species, which provides a greater understanding for the development and manufacture of chemically heterogeneous materials and products. These products could fall in a big variety of molecular or shape structures, such as polypeptides, DNA, polymers suspensions, emulsions, microemulasions, fibers, platelets, bacteria, viruses, liposomes, nanomaterial, particles, microspheres, etc. another advantage of these methods is that there could be a possibility of analyzing wet samples or freshly prepared aqueous or organic-based suspensions.


In our particle size analysis facility, we have:


         A LabTech 100, which measures sizes between 1-100 microns (m)

         A Malvern 4700c for sizes in the range between 3-5000 nanometers (0.003-5 m)

         A Pacific Scientific Nicomp 270 for sizes in the range between 1-5000 nanometers (0.001-5 m)

         A Particle Measuring Systems LPS for sizes in the range between 200-60000 nanometers (0.200-60 m)

         Particle Data Elzone 80 H Particle Analyzer



























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